# What is User Interface Design?

An interface is a place where two things meet: the human and the computer. The computer has functions it can perform. The human needs inputs and outputs to take advantage of those functions. The interface is the arrangement of inputs and outputs that enable people to apply the computer's functions to create outcomes they want. - Ryan Singer

In the context of our software, the user interface is the individual views that provide for goal completion.

We evaluate interfaces on the following criteria:

  • Puts outcomes first
  • Provides users with affordances
  • Congruent with surrounding platform
  • Consistent across entire application

We put the users goals first. No one is using our software exclusively because of how beautiful it is. There's a reason they sought our solution out. Making that outcome easily attainable and desirable is our highest priority.

We make software easy to comprehend. It's not enough to be functional, users must know capabilities exist and be able to anticipate how the software is going to react to their inputs. Our software should be as intuitive as possible.

We remain consistent with platform guidelines. Interfaces look and feel best when in congruence with their context, rather than being strictly branded across all platforms. We prefer common patterns when designing.

We retain consistency. Usable interfaces work as expected across the entire application.

Last Updated: 12/11/2018, 10:00:08 AM